We know how hard the ground is here in Arizona, and we're here to help! Growing fruit trees in the desert doesn't have to be difficult, but an important step that tends to get overlooked is in the planting process. It is vital to a tree's development that there be a large enough hole for strong root establishment, and amended soil to promote a healthier plant. Our tree planting service includes soil, worm castings, mycorrhizae, and rock dust; we plant your tree and create a properly sized berm around it.


We don't just plant fruit trees, though! We are happy to help you install shade trees, flowering shrubs, cactus, or any other plant.

Tree Planting


$50 for 1-gallon sized plants

$75 for 5-gallon sized plant

$100 for 15-gallon sized plants

$125 for 25-gallon or 24" box plants


Mulch | $15 per tree (highly encouraged)

We apply a 3-6 inch layer of wood chips within the berm of the tree. We recommend that you apply a new layer of mulch a couple of times per year, as the original layer breaks down.

 (*Please note that you can also obtain mulch for free by using dead leaves from your yard!)

Stake | $20

We'll stake your new tree up with a strong, 6-foot tall post.

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Ready to get your new fruit tree

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Papaya and bamboo growing in desert