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Need help caring for your

fruit trees?

We're here to help. Trees, like people, need food. By providing your plants with quality, organic foods, you can ensure your trees will grow healthy and strong to provide you with years of delicious fruits.

Our feeding services are offered on either a one-time or seasonal basis, and include an application of compost and worm castings, as well as a soil-drench of liquid fish emulsion, seaweed extract, and chelated iron and manganese (as needed). When your fruit trees begin flowering, we will add a flowering food to increase bud growth and development. By using organic plant foods, not only will nutrients be absorbed through the plant's roots, but your soil will become healthier and more alive with beneficial microbes and bacteria. 

Feeding Service

$125 for up to 10 plants ($10 per additional plant)

Contact us today to set up your first appointment.


Avocados growing on tree
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